Writing for Businesses

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Content Writing – Collateral & Brochures

It all comes down telling a good story… The cornerstone of any strategic communications campaign — whether digital, traditional or a combination of both — is well-defined messaging and content. Therefore, from traditional collateral to […]

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Content Writing – Websites

In the 21st Century, customers are relying on online venues for information about purchasing products and services to interconnect with people and businesses from around the world. The best way to reach out to these […]

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Press Releases & Pitch Angle Development

The 21st Century has given us what our PR forefathers and foremothers prayed for: media moments that can be resurrected as often as the whim strikes: to coincide with a company campaign, a trend (# […]

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Ghost Writing

As a ghostwriter, I cannot reveal the articles I’ve written or the names of those for whom I’ve written white papers, articles, opinion pieces, blogs or other materials. It’s part of the code of silence.  

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Advertorials & Corporate Profiles

Hired either by a business or media outlet, I interview and write profiles for companies that purchase advertorial space in publications (magazines, newspapers, online media). Called “advertorials,” these profiles are paid ads that specialize in the written word rather than […]

Social Journalism & “Shout Out” Strategies

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Social Media is Social Journalism

Social media is extreme short-form journalism wrapped up in an opportunity for self-PR. Therefore, social media must be approached as a journalistic opportunity, not as “something we just need to do.” How it’s written is key. Social media […]

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Why you need to blog

Bottom line — The Blog is Digital PR and SEO rolled into one. Blogging is a digital form of public relations. It’s a showcase for you to spotlight all the different facets of your business through […]

Journalist – My Published Articles

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post — it’s my hometown newspaper. With great editors who love a good story idea, I’ve done a lot of writing for D.C.’s best rag. Below, find links to stories I’ve not only enjoyed […]

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Magazine & Online Articles

The best part of being a freelance writer is that I get to write about subjects I think are interesting. Here are a few magazine pieces I’ve penned. AARP.org: “Write an ethical will to bequeath […]

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Huffington Post

Link here to read articles I penned and published in The Huffington Post. From “Huff/Post50” to “Women” to “What’s Working: Small Business,” I’ve been writing for the Huffington Post since 2009. Huff/Post50 50 going on 2016: 16 things […]

My Blogs: Inside Social Journalism

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What’s social look like in 2016?

While the 20th Century brought us the phrase, “location, location, location” — that is, having the corner lot for double the visibility to the passersby — in the 21st Century (as we slide toward 2020 […]

My Blogs: Inside the Beltway, Under the Radar

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“Sanding By” – Alison Buckholtz

“Has your Daddy been killed yet?” Direct and to the point, this was the question, writer and military wife, found out her first grade son was being asked each day by a classmate. The questions […]

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Taming of the Thyroid – Mary Shomon

My first order of business after hearing Thyroid-patient advocate, Mary Shomon, speak was to call my general physician so I could find out the specific results of my THS test, the most general test used […]

Stuff businesses and people say about me

‘Pitcher,’ i.e. Angle Development & Pitch Writer

These are the best written (and presented) pitches I’ve received in the nine years that we’ve been publishing the magazine… Thanks again for putting so much time and effort into these. – Steve

Press Releases & Pitch Writing

It is amazing all you have been able to do for us in such a short time, two-months! Washington Post, hour-long web chat (I could never have done this with out you! You are the best and it was a lot of fun!), PLUS the full-page bonus article in the print edition of the Washington Post a week later; Baltimore Sun (the article looks GREAT!); Newsday; WJLA-TV, Channel 8-Talk Back Live!; full page business profile in the Montgomery County Gazette, the Huffington Post. The writing of “TAD’s Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move,” was a key angle for pitching as was “transitional trauma.” Your Press Release writing to announce the transition to our new name and brand and consulting and advice on Wish for a Lifetime PR has been invaluable. Thank you again for all your hard work! You are amazing.

Social Media Presentation 

The presentation was fantastic! It was informative, upbeat, really detailed and extremely useful! Exactly what a great Chamber educational networking event should be. Everyone else I spoke to thought the same thing… And Cari is  the only person who has ever been able to explain clearly to me what a hashtag is.

Social Media Strategist

I have the pleasure of working with Cari as she is designing, implementing and training us for a social media campaign that is having tremendous success. Her energy, insight and organizational skills are simply second to none. The plan Cari put into place and now is helping us execute is clever, on point, fun and ‘do-able’. So glad we have Cari on our team and looking forward to working with her as much as possible in the future.

Social Journalism

Cari’s background in traditional media has provided an incredible backdrop for our foray into social media presence. Her connections to traditional media and her ability to transform them into the ever-evolving network of social platforms, has established Cari as a leader in her field. Cari provides valuable input, an incredible energy and a lending ear. I high recommend Cari.